Alright then, this is the page where I'll be displaying the banners (or at least pointing you to the page that displays the banners) for all the fanlistings that I've joined.  Most of them will be listed at, but some may not.  However they're all, obviously, linked back to where the list is, so you'll have no trouble finding them, honest.

Now simply choose one of the categories below and you'll be able to browse all the fanlistings I have joined so far.

Animation  [includes movies, tv shows, music and characters]
Stage/Theatre  [includes shows, personalities and characters]
[001 fanlistings]
[002 fanlistings]

Total number of fanlistings joined: 3 fanlistings in 2 categories.

And that does it for the fanlistings section of my site.  I hope you might consider joining some of the fanlistings I'm part of, if you find anything you might be interested in.  Otherwise you may click the Back button below to go back and browse the fanlistings I own, or click the Home button to go right back to the main page of my site.  Have fun!