I will be the first to admit that I do not usually like the TV series' that Disney think up as a follow-on from their big movies and I watch precious few of them.  However, Aladdin is one of those that I *do* watch and thoroughly enjoy.  Sure there's no Jafar or Sal'uk in the TV episodes, but Aladdin has to face some pretty tough enemies to defeat and gets himself into some pretty sticky situations at times.  This page is dedicated to this series, and houses information about the villains Aladdin encounters in the series, episode transcripts of the episodes I actually have taped, and anything else about the series that I can possibly think of to add for you.  Enjoy it, huh?

The series is usually set in Agrabah, like the movies, but unlike the movies generally, there are also a few episodes that are set elsewhere -- other kingdoms in the Seven Deserts, like the Land of the Black Sand, and even the Frozen North sometimes.  As I said, you'll find out lots more information on these pages.  To get started, just click on one of the banners below and you'll be able to explore Agrabah and beyond even better than before!


Should you find any mistakes in these pages, such as in the transcripts, or something you think I said on one of the villains' pages isn't quite right, please feel free to e-mail me at masquerade57@hotmail.com with whatever it is and I'll fix it up right away.  You can also feel free to suggest pages that you might like to see up here -- I have absolutely no problem with you guys giving suggestions.  Oh, and if anyone wants to send in any transcripts of episodes they may have done that I don't have up yet, please send them in!  Now, click on one of the buttons below to either go back to the main Aladdin page, or, if you wish, right back home.  Do enjoy the rest of the site!