This page will direct you to the gallery, where I have uploaded almost 5000 captures from the Aladdin DVD, all taken by me.  You're welcome to take any of the images you like for anything you like: all I ask is a link back to the gallery and credit for taking the captures.  Oh, and I'd love it if you'd let me see what you do with the captures!

Okay, now ... head on over to the gallery -->

Please note that this link leads away from the Aladdin section of the site.  Clicking on the back button at the bottom of the next page will not bring you back here.  To get back to this page, press the back button at the top of your page -- the one that's part of your browser window.  Unless you want to explore the other movie galleries.

As I said, please feel free to use these images for anything you like.  Credit is nice, though.  Capping a movie can take a long time.  Now if you're ready, click on the link above to head to the gallery, or click on one of the buttons below to either head back to the main Aladdin page, or the other to go all the way back to the main page.  Enjoy!