Welcome to the Disney gallery!  This is where you'll find lots of Disney drawings done by the webmistress of this site.  Some are taken from colouring books, some from clipart and various other places and some are drawn from my own imagination.  Rest assured, though, that even if I have used references for my drawings, NOTHING here is TRACED.  Everything is still drawn free-hand.  That said, I hope you enjoy browsing through my little collection.  Just click on a thumbnail to open up the full-sized drawing.  You could even let me know what you think ... maybe.




Alice in Wonderland:

Beauty and the Beast:


The Black Cauldron:



The Hunchback of Notre Dame:


The Little Mermaid:



The Little Mermaid II -- Return to the Sea:


Oliver and Company:


Robin Hood:


Sleeping Beauty:


Well, that's all the drawings I have so far.  I draw all the time, so you can expect new pictures in this gallery quite regularly.  Should you wish to borrow one of these drawings, or display them on your own site, I'm quite happy for you to do so, but I do ask that you ask me first and give me credit for my work.  All I ask is a link back to my site.  Just e-mail me and tell me the drawings you'd like to use and the site they're going to be used on, 'cause I'd like to see them when they're up.  Since most of my drawings are just pencil, please feel free to colour them too.  Now just click one of the buttons there to either go back to the main Disney page, or back to the site's main page.