Huh ... so another person's stumbled on my garden, have they?  Well, don't just stand there -- come on in!  My name is Megara -- you can call me Meg.  This is my little corner of Ruth's Study, to tell you about Hercules, the Disney movie that you'll find me in.  Here you'll find just about everything you could want to know about the movie -- the script, lots of pictures, the song lyrics, a synopsis, information about all the characters, and much more ... things to keep you entertained for as long as you want to stay here.  You'll find buttons for everything a little further down the page, if you're interested.  If not, well ... there's not much I can do to stop you leaving.  But there was hardly much point coming to my garden if you didn't have the intention of wandering around a little.  Now keep scrolling down at page if you want to see what the garden has to offer.  I should also warn you that you might find Hades lurking around here somewhere.  If you do see him, I would strongly advise that you don't make any deals with him.  Last time I did, it almost cost me the ultimate price ... my life.

Now, go and explore the garden and see what and who you can find.  There's lots of things to do ... just don't get lost.  Hades likes tricking people who are not sure of where they are ... he might trick you into doing something terrible, like he did to me.  Keep to the paths through the garden and you'll be fine.  Now go on -- away with you!

Right then ... this is where ... err ... could you excuse me a sec?  *Pushes Phil off her knee*.  Now then, as I was saying: this is where you'll find the buttons to take you to the different areas of the garden.  Enjoy them, huh?






I think most of the buttons should be pretty self-explanitory.  Just read what the button says and you should be able to figure out where it leads!  Should you wish to contact the webmistress of this site to tell her what you think of it, or perhaps suggest some more things that she could add ... or even to contribute something to put up, you may do so here.  She attends to her e-mails as often as she can, so if you send her something, you should get a reply within a couple of days.  If you don't hear anything, keep bugging her!  She *will* reply to you ... promise!  Well ... must dash now.  Things to do, people to see.  It's been swell talkin' to ya, though -- it's been a real slice!

Webmistress' note: I'd just like to give a few credits for the graphics and things.  The clipart and images on this main page all came from the Animated Movies Archive.  The Pain and Panic clipart below came from  Should you wish to borrow any of the cliparts or graphics from this page, please e-mail address that's there above and ask me first.  In the case that the graphics/clipart were not done by me, I shall refer you to the site that I got whatever it was you wanted from and you can get in contact with them.  Remember that you can always feel free to send things in to me to put up here -- more pictures or clipart, movie reviews, your own interpretations of the characters, or anything else you might feel inclined to send in.  Suggestions for new sections that I could add, or improvements to exisiting sections -- anything at all!  You might just want to write to me to say hi -- and that's fine too!  Otherwise click on one of the buttons below and continue your little adventure.