Yeah ... I hear you asking what the heck I'm talking about ... Lilo and Stitch is one of Disney's newer movies, and they've made a few trailers with Stitch interrupting other Disney movies.  You can view both the movie trailer and the full 'Inter-Stitch-Als' here.  You'll also need QuickTime to view the movies -- you can download that at the site.  Anyway, I just couldn't resist taking a few screen-shots of parts of the trailers, so I present them here now! :)



I hope you enjoyed those.  I thought they were very amusing. :)  If you go to the site I've given you above, there's also one for The Lion King, but I didn't take any shots from that one.  Please note that all these images belong to Disney and once again, I'm only sharing them and no infringement on copyright is intended.  You can now go back to the main Disney page and keep wandering around there, or you can go back to the main page of the site.