The dollz craze seems to me to be sweeping the online community, so I've decided to jump on the band wagon and make some myself, so this is where I'll display them all.  You'll find dollz that I've made and some that I've adopted from other sites.  There's dollz of movie characters, Disney dollz and whatever else takes my fancy to make a doll of!  Just move your mouse over any of the dollz below for a little description.  Hope you enjoy 'em!

My Dollz:

Harry Potter: dollz based on the books and movies.

Hermione Granger, dressed in her Hogwarts robes,
parchment and a quill at the ready for her classes.*

* -- Base by Josie.

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So that's my little collection -- I hope you like them.  More and more will be added to this page as I make more and more dollz.  I'm also happy to accept donations for this page -- dollz you might have made, but maybe you don't have a webpage to display them on just yet.  I'll put 'em up for you!  Just send me your dollz and I'll find a place for them on this page.  You'll get FULL credit, of course!  Now you can go back or head to the main page.