Next we have a very dear friend of mine, who wishes to be simply known as 'JK' instead of her real name (though I do know it!).  I met JK on a Cats RPG.  She was playing Alonzo, but I don't remember who my character was.  A little later she requested a piece of art from me.  She e-mailed me a few times and added me to her MSN buddies list.  She runs the website known as The Jellicle Zone, a very cool site featuring Cats, cartoons and lotsa retro stuff.  Fun fun for everyone! *grin*  She's recently re-modelled a bit, and it's looking better than ever!  Go visit her!

JK lives in Florida, in the US of A, is a HUGE Cats fan (particularly of Alonzo and Plato, as one will find out by chatting to her for a few minutes!) and loves to role-play -- all things she has in common with me!  As I mentioned, I met her through a role-play.  She also loves anime, like Pokemon, Digimon and Hamtaro.  She's an avid animal-rights activist and shows this through the work she does for the local humane society.  She also takes tai-chi classes in her spare time.  I really got to know JK when she requested a piece of art from me ... it might be up on my site, or if it's not there, it could quite possibly be up on hers.  All those Storybook pics you see up here are also requests from her.  She apparently loves my drawings and she also loves mixing the characters from Cats up with lots of other things ... Pokemon, video game characters, story-book characters ... one of her very favourite role-plays is known as 'Teazer Poppins', mixing Jellicles and characters from the popular kids' movie.  It's great fun!  And have you heard of those cute little critters known as Neopets?  Well, she loves playing with them too!

JK, what can I say?  You're one of the nicest people I've had the pleasure of getting to know.  You're like ... a big sister to me -- always worrying about me and looking out for me!  Not that I'm complaining ... I know you'll always be there for me if I need someone to talk to and I want you to know that I'm always here for you when you need to talk.  Role-playing with you is always GREAT fun and I'm happy to tackle any art requests you might have for me, no matter how zany they might be!  Shall we mention one Plato Goose?  Weird.  *giggles*  *hugs*  Luvya loads!