The next dedication absolutely has to be for this wonderful person.  My aquaintance with Megan began on the ozmusictheatre list through Yahoo, when she replied to one of my posts.  I decided to get in contact with her, since she was the first to say 'hi' to me, and added her to my AOL buddies.  The next time she was on I sent her a message ... and the rest, as they say, is history!  She told me about her site, Lilmisto's Cat Tales, dedicated to the Aussie circus tour of Cats, which she'd already seen but hadn't arrived in my area yet.  Sadly, she is no longer updating her site, but the stuff she has up is still pretty cool!  You can read show reports from Aussie Cats fans, including trip reports from the final Warrnambool shows that all of us in Megan's Cats fanclub gladly attended.

I found out that Meg lives in Sydney, which is quite a way from me, but still reachable.  She's a little younger than me, but her birthday's only a couple of months from mine.  She convinced me to go see Cats with her in Warrnambool (like that was hard!) ... it was her birthday present, and it was also the final Australian shows.  So I went and actually got to MEET this person!  In fact, for the final show I managed to get the seat next to her.  I also met the rest of the fanclub in the process.  Anyway, by the end of that weekend, she was telling me that I was going to see Singin' in the Rain with her in Sydney in May ... well, who was I to argue with such authority? ;)

So it was I found myself heading for Sydney for the weekend in May (thanks to LOTS of Frequent Flyer Points!) to accompany Megan (and Jen) to the theatre.  We had an absolute blast (at least ... I did!), and she introduced me to some really cool people, like Markham!  My own birthday was coming up in December, so I told her that as I'd come to see Cats for HER birthday, she had to come and see Singin' in the Rain again for MY Birthday!  She gladly obliged ... and I hope she had a wonderful time in the week she spent with me!  I know I had a great time showing her all the sights!  Have fun, Meg?  She also spent my next birthday with me, only this time we went to see Cabaret.  That was absolutely brilliant too, and I hope she had as good a time with me as I did with her. :)

Megan, I just want to thank you for ALL that you've done for me!  Thank-you for the wonderful time you showed me in Sydney and I hope you had fun with me in Melbourne both times you've been down here.  Thank-you for the cassette(s), video, and most recently, the program!  They all mean so much to me, as did having you there for my birthday.  Hopefully it won't be too long before another DECENT show is staged so that we can organise another trip!  Until then, mon ami, we shall keep in touch through e-mails, letters ... whatever!  I'm so glad you replied to my message ... 'cause it's introduced me to one of the friendliest, sweetest people I know!  One of the best friends a girl could ask for, both online and off!  *hugs*  Luvya loads, Meg!  Ya know that, right? ;)  Yeah ... course ya do.