The first dedication must be for this person, because she has already done one for me!  *smiles*  This started when I received an e-mail from this person.  She'd visited my website and wanted to know if she could put some of her drawings up here.  I e-mailed her back and told her that I would be honoured to put them up on my page for her.  I also added her to my contact list and when I saw her online I clicked on her name and said hello!  She told me she had an even better idea than getting me to put her pictures up...she was going to start up her OWN website!  She asked me if I would help her start up, and I immediately said yes.  So, Shannons Disney Work was born!  Go check it out!  She takes care of it herself, so it's bigger and better than ever!  Just tell her I sent you!

I have been helping Shannon with her page ever since, and I'm having an absolute blast doing it!  She hails from Wilson, in North Carolina, and is one of the sweetest people you could ever hope to meet!  Her birthday's very close to mine too ... and she's only a year older than me!  We have a lot in common, Shannon and I ... we both love Disney movies and musicals, and she's a very talented artist as you'll see if you visit her site.  She also loves singing, reading and writing and is crazy about *NSYNC ... you'll find some *NSYNC adoptions up on her site too.  What else can I tell you about her?  She's a Fantasy Fighter, since I invited her ... and she's just an all-round really wonderful person!  She's sent me loads of graphic gifts, all of which are up here ... well ... somewhere!  *g*

Shannon, just to let you know, I am SO glad I sent that e-mail off, because it's introduced me to one of the nicest people I know!  I do hope I can meet you some day, but we'll catch up through our e-mails, letters...and through your website!  I'm very glad I've gotten to meet you, even though it's only online.  I'm having a wonderful time helping you with the codes for your website and I hope I can keep helping you for a very long time, though you seem to have started managing for yourself, which is great too.  Don't ever give up drawing ... you have a very special talent for it and I hope to see much more art from you in the future!  Your site's getting better and better and bigger every day ... so don't stop updating!  I promise I'll see you online again really soon!  *hugs*  Luvya lots!