Well, my hard work seems to have paid off ... just look at these awards I've won for my site!  I'd like to thank each and every person that's seen my site as good enough to give me these awards.  I'm truly honoured!  Thanks again!

Awarded: November 23, 2001 to my other site ~ thankyou to Disneyland's Princess Crew for this one!

Awarded: February 28, 2002 ~ Thanks to Sue for this one!

Awarded: March 26, 2002 ~ Thanks to the IAWMD for this incredible award!
Here's what they said:
Congratulations! Ruth's Study has been reviewed and chosen to bear the 2002-2003 Golden Web Award.
You and Your Staff at Ruth's Study have Obviously Worked Very Hard
- Proudly Display Your Award -

Awarded: April 24, 2002 ~ Thanks to Val for this one!  So cute!


Awarded: April 25, 2002 ~ Renelf liked my site so much she gave me BOTH these awards!
Thankyou -- I'm honoured!

Awarded: April 28, 2002 ~ Thanks to Terri for this one!  This is so cute!

Awarded: June 18, 2002 ~ Thanks to Gouri for this one!


Awarded: June 26, 2002 ~ Drmsofthehrt REALLY liked my site...she gave me THREE awards!  Thanks so much!

Awarded: July 28, 2002 ~ Thanks to the Artsy Awards committee for awarding me this!

Awarded: July 29, 2002 ~ Thanks SO much to Gouri for this FABULOUS award!  I'm featuring on her site for a week!

Awarded: November 14, 2002 ~ I'm the first winner of Shannon's award!  THANKS, SHANNON!!

Awarded: March 2, 2003 ~ Thanks to Lady Tink at the Cartoon Wonders for this fabulous award!

Awarded: May 23, 2003 ~ Thanks to the Muses for this wonderful award!

Awarded: May 29, 2003 ~ HUGE thanks to the Cartoon Wonders for this brilliant award!

Awarded: September 3, 2003 ~ Thanks to Knightess Paradise of the Fantasy Fights for this lovely award!

Awarded: February 23, 2004 ~ I'm the first recipient of one of JK's gorgeous awards -- THANKS, JK!

Awarded: March 19, 2004 ~ Once again, thanks SO much to the IAWMD for this award!

Awarded: March 1, 2006 ~ Thank-you to the Fantasy Fights for this beautiful award.

Again, a big thankyou to everyone who's given me an award!  It's very nice to see e-mails in my Inbox congratulating me on the site and with awards enclosed!  It makes the work I put into this site all worthwhile!  Thankyou all once again -- thanks for your support!  Do keep checking back to see what's new around here.