Because I've seen SO many of these around, I decided I'd make a little test of my own!  You can find out which character from Labyrinth you're most like.  Just answer each of the questions below and click the button.  It's fun!  Will you be sweet, innocent Sarah?  Dark, compelling Jareth?  Maybe even Hoggle or Ludo!  You'll have to take the test to find out what your choices are.  You can always take the test again if you don't like your result.

What colour is your hair closest to?
Brown.  Quite boring, really.
Blonde. love wearing weird hairstyles too?
White.  It could be white BLONDE!
Orange.  There's a lot of it, too...
Light brown.  Could be a few white hairs in there...

It's Saturday night.  Where are you?
Home, polishing my vast collection of jewellery.
Guarding some bridge that nobody's going to cross anyway!
I'm out.  I just LOVE making new friends!
Out partying -- I know how to have a good time!
Home, babysitting my younger sibling.

Tell me now...what's your style?
Baggy shirts, tight pants -- I have to look GOOD.
Anything at all I can find lying around at home.
Jeans and a shirt -- something comfortable that looks nice.
I like to look grand...medieval clothes suit me.
Something comfortable -- I'm not into fashion.

You come across a huge beast hung up by his feet.
He's also being teased by the guards.  What do you do?

Barge right through the guards and rescue the beast.
Run screaming from the whole scene.
Fight the guards (to the death if needs be), then rescue the beast.
Throw rocks at the guards to scare them away, then untie the beast.
Nothing -- I enjoy watching creatures squirm.

Of the following, which is most important to you?
Honour.  I shall fight anyone to defend it!
The freedom to be myself.
Having power over everything.
Money.  Lots and lots of money.
Making new friends wherever I go.

Which of these would you choose for a pet?
Definitely a dog.
A beautiful snowy-white owl.
Anything else furry and cuddly...a cat, maybe.
I'm really not that fond of animals...

Which character do you think is most like you?
Sarah -- a day-dreamer, but intelligent.
Jareth -- calculating and determined.
Hoggle -- greedy and cowardly...but loyal.
Ludo -- kind and gentle.
Sir Didymus -- very loyal and brave.

What would you rather be doing right now?
Playing around with crystal balls.
Making new friends...I just adore meeting lots of new people!
Defending my friends against those who would want to hurt them.
Searching for valuable knick-knacks and taking them home to shine up.
Rehearsing lines from my favourite play -- in a park, of course.

You come across two doors guarded by funny-looking creatures.
One door leads to the castle, the certain death!
One creature always tells the truth, another always lies.  What do you ask them?

Uhh...never mind...I'll...I'll go another way...
No questions!  Let me through or I'll make you sorry you were born!
*points at the other creature*  Would he tell me that this door leads to the castle?
Will you be my friend?
No questions!  I shall fight my way through if I have to!

What are you most likely to say?
I shall fight anyone, anywhere, any time ... !
*upon seeing something frightening* Gaaaah ... goodbye!
That's not fair!
*evil chuckles* (Guess you're not the talkative type, huh?)

The world is about to be taken over by goblins!  What do you do?
I'll fight!  I despise those horrid little creatures!
Run away screeeeeaming!
Fight if it means my friends are kept safe.
I shall fight those nasty goblins to the death!  Preferably theirs...
Fool!  It was *I* who SENT the goblins!  *evil laughter*

What's your living arrangement like?
I live alone...but my pets keep me company.
Stuck with my parents until financially secure enough to leave home.
I share with someone other than my parents.  We keep each other company.
I live alone...but I'm always looking to make new friends.
I live alone...and I wouldn't change it for the world!  I love it!

Your younger sibling wanders into your room.
They proceed to pick up your own favourite possession.  You...

Snatch it back immediately and put it where they can't reach it.
Let them keep it for good.  They obviously love it too.
Let them keep it until they're done with it, then put it back where it belongs.
Fight them for it.
Take if off them, then tease them with it a little before putting it back where it goes.

What's your lofty mission in life?
Get the girl/guy, rule the kingdom.
I want to be an actress/actor.
I'm going to be filthy rich!
To make lots of friends.
To protect those weaker than myself.

You can have one wish.  What's it gonna be?
I wish my younger sibling would be taken away by goblins!
I wish I knew if the one I love feels the same about me.
I wish I was braver than I already am.
I wish I was rich!
I wish that everyone I met would be my friend.

Please make sure that you've answered all the questions, otherwise the form won't work.  Once you've made sure you've answered all the questions, click on that button below to find out who you are!  Don't hold it against me, 'k?

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