A-list attraction ... Hugh Jackman.Hugh Jackman will be the star attraction at an A-list cocktail party in Sydney on February 13 as part of a whirlwind visit to promote his leading role in the Australian stage version of The Boy From Oz.
    Jackman, who is likely to bring his wife Deborra-Lee Furness to the party, is expecting to mingle with guests as part of a one-day charm offensive, ahead of the musical's opening in August.
    The final venue for the Sydney cocktail event is yet to be announced, but Jackman's presence is likely to attract a range of local A-listers.
    The actor, who has been the toast of the US theatre scene since appearing as Peter Allen on Broadway, will also attend a press conference in Sydney on the same day.
    Promoters of The Boy From Oz are expected to announce the leading female roles in the musical, with rock legend Chrissie Amphlett already rumoured as a strong contender to reprise the role of Judy Garland, Allen's mother-in-law.
    Of course, Amphlett was part of the original cast in The Boy From Oz, when the show had its world premiere in Australia in 1998, back when Todd McKenney was wowing audiences in the same role.  McKenney, who was truly brilliant in the leading role, was undeniably miffed about missing out on the US version, but has always remained dignified about Jackman's success.
    Jackman is expected to return to the US after his short promotional visit to Sydney. He is gearing up towards the release of X-Men 3, where he reprises the role of Wolverine, in May.