She may be a vengeful man-killer on stage, but Sharon Millerchip doesn't harbour any murderous tendencies towards her real-life loving husband.
    The 30-year-old diva -- taking over from Caroline O'Connor as Velma Kelly in the smash musical Chicago -- relishes her cosy home life with restauranteur Andrew Anthony.
    "We are so in love, it's really pathetic," says Sharon, who married Andrew a year ago.
    "Andrew is the world's greatest husband -- he even cooks for me!  It's such a bonus being with someone who is a sane human being rather than a performer."
    The couple met four years ago when Sharon was in one of Andrew's Sydney restaurants.
    "We got chatting immediately," says Andrew, 31, with a smile.  "And once we started dating we realised we'd been living opposite each other for some time.  I was like an episode of Friends -- I could look out of my bedroom window into Sharon's.  But I'm not telling you what I saw!"
    Bright-eyed Sharon seems to have an abundance of confidence and energy and has taken over a role critics and the public link to her talented predecessor, Caroline.  But Sharon isn't complaining.
    "I auditioned as Velma Kelly during the original Chicago recruitment drive more than a year ago, and very nearly got the part," she explains.  "Caroline pipped me at the post, and it was very frustrating knowing I'd been so close to a dream role.
    "As soon as Caroline announced she was leaving, though, the producer gave me a call to see if I was still interested.  I couldn't possibly say no."
    Although Sharon, who won an MO Award for her portrayal of Belle in Beauty and the Beast last year, has plenty of musical experience, she admits, "I do suffer from stage fright.
    "I'm usually an emotional wreck right up until the opening night and think: 'Oh God, I'm in the wrong job!  Why am I doing this?'  But then after the show I'm thinking, 'That was so easy!'"
    But Sharon adds, "My marriage makes me realise that there's more to life than my career.  If I've had a hard day at work I can talk to Andrew about it and then just switch off."