*You walk through a set of french doors into a darkened area of the Study.  Suddenly, the lights flick on and you find yourself in what appears to be an auditorium of some kind.  There are a few seats in front of a stage.  The red velvet curtains are pulled shut.  There is a beautiful crystal chandelier right above your head.  As you debate whether or not to take a seat in here, a pretty, dark-haired woman comes over to you.*  Hello.  My name is Christine ... Christine Daaé.  This is my own little refuge for when I don't want to be at the Opéra Populaire.  Be careful as you explore, though -- I'm sure Erik already knows about this place ... he might be around somewhere.

This is Christine's Opera House, dedicated to one of my all-time favourite musicals, The Phantom of the Opera!  You'll find all sorts of things here -- character profiles, reviews, galleries of productions from around the world, artwork, cast lists, the *complete* libretto of the show, and whatever else I can find to go up here.  S'amuser, oui?

Click on the link above and you'll find all the artwork I've (that is, the webmistress) done related to The Phantom of the Opera.  There's pictures based on the Australian and original London productions, plus many more.  You may also find art up here by other artists, if they'll allow me to display it.  There's some amazing talent out there, if you know where to find it.  If not, you'll just have to put up with my own art. ;)  Go on into the Opera House gallery and have a look at all of the wonderful artworks.

The *complete* libretto from the show.  That means it includes the bits that you don't hear on the Original London recording.  Can't speak for the others, 'cause I don't have them.  Anyway, this is taken from a booklet that came with the CD.  Ever wondered what the lyrics to your favourite song are?  Can't remember exactly what someone said?  Well, wonder no longer -- just have a look at the script here and find your favourite part.  You'll have it memorised in no time.  Hey -- it worked for me!

Just as it sounds -- this is the gallery of photos from The Phantom of the Opera productions from around the world that I have both scanned and found from various sources.  There's Australia (because that's where I'm from!), London (because I just adore the original London Phantom) and any other productions that I can find photos from.  This is the section I'll need you to contribute most to, so please, please send in any photos you might have from programs, brochures ... anywhere!

This is where you'll find character profiles for anyone who lives in, under or around the Opera House.  What they look like, what songs they sing in the show, a list of the actors and actresses that have played each role and possibly even what those actors or actresses need to be like to play them.  You may also contribute to this section -- send in your own interpretations of the characters or pictures.  Eventually, I hope to have *all* the characters up here, but I will need your help to do so.

Here you may view casts lists from productions of The Phantom of the Opera from around the world, gleaned from whichever sources I can find them -- programs, brochures, or other sites -- don't worry, it's credited if I took them from somewhere else.  Anyway, you'll find Australian casts (since it's the easiest for me to get to), London and others from around the world.  Missed a program and want to know who played that obscure role?  Well, look no further than this page -- it's all here!

The reviews page.  Read about my (that is, the webmistress') first experience with the show in Melbourne many years ago.  I'm also going to need your help with this section -- please submit your reviews of the show, be they positive or really positive. ;)  Let me know what you thought of the show, the characters, the actors, the scenery, the costumes ... anything you like!  It can be 50 words or 500 words, I don't mind -- they'll all go up here, so please send some in, and do enjoy the ones up here.

Christine à nouveau.  I do hope you've enjoyed your here, and I hope you'll come back and visit again soon.  I trust Erik wasn't too inhospitable, if you happened to meet him on your way around?  If he was, I promise he'll be better next time.  Anyway, do come back soon -- and tell all your friends that we're here, won't you?  No good putting on a performance if you don't have an audience!  And tell Raoul not to worry about me.  I'm well looked after here.  Tell him if he asks after me.  Now you'd best be on your way.  Au revoir, mon en l'honneur de.  Revenir sous peu.

Okay, this is the webmistress again.  I hope you've enjoyed my little tribute to one of the world's best loved musicals, The Phantom of the Opera.  It's one of my favourites too, in case you can't tell.  *grins*  I must stress that I do NOT own the rights to this musical, and I don't own the photos, though many of them I have scanned myself.  All the characters, photos and everything else related to the musical belong to the Really Useful Group and I'm merely a fan sharing this information with those who would visit this site.  That said, if you would like to contribute anything to this page -- more photos, some thoughts on any of the characters in the musical, things like that -- please don't hesitate to e-mail me and it'll go up as soon as I get the time.  Naturally, you'll be fully credited for anything you send me -- I'm not about to steal people's work!  The main Christine image up there came from http://www.reallyusefulgroup.com, and the other pictures on this page I scanned myself from various sources.  Now, if you're finished here, click on one of the buttons below to either go back to the main Musicals page, or all the way back to my homepage.  Explore the rest of the page -- do enjoy yourself and visit again soon.