*As you cautiously walk through a darkened area of the Study, you sense many eyes upon you.  These are the Jellicles.  One of them very timidly creeps forward to see who has entered.  It's a pretty little black and gold queen.  Upon seeing that you're not who she thought you were, she decides it's safe to talk to you.  She speaks.*  Hello.  I'm Demeter.  This here is our little refuge when we can't be at the Junkyard.  I found it, which is why it's named after me.  It's the only place I'm really safe from Macavity -- he doesn't know about it yet, so PLEASE don't go telling him ... just keep exploring and you'll be able to see what we have stashed away here.

This is Demeter's Hideaway and is dedicated to one of my all-time favourite musicals, Cats!  You'll find all sorts of things here -- character profiles, reviews, galleries of productions from around the world, artwork, cast lists and whatever else I can find to go up here.  Each section is hosted by a different Jellicle so go on and meet them all!

*The next Jellicle you come across is a tall, sleek, scarlet queen.  She greets you in that musical alto voice she has.*  I am known as Bombalurina.  I'm Demeter's older sister.  If you click on that link there above, you'll be able to look at lots of Cats artwork done by the webmistress of this site.  There's pictures from Australia, London, Broadway ... and lots more.  You might find some art done by other artists too, if she can find any to display.  There's lots of wonderful artists out there.  So ... what are you waiting for?  Go on into the gallery and marvel at the art in there.  *she winks*  Sort of.  Catch you later.

*Next comes a small, handsome, black and white tom.  He grins at you.*  Hi!  I'm Mistoffelees -- known as Magical Mister Mistoffelees, actually.  *he grins again*  Anyway, Demeter's given me the job of looking after the reviews page.  Just click on that link above and you can have a look at reviews from the shows that the webmistress went to see while Cats was in Australia -- there's two from Ballarat and two from Warrnambool.  If you're lucky, you might find others too.  I've read them -- I hope your experiences of the show have been or will be as good as hers.  It sounds like she had a great time!  Go read 'em!

*The next to step forward is a tall, handsome, black and silver tabby.  He is soft-spoken, but you can hear the authority in his voice.*  I am Munkustrap, deputy leader of the Jellicles.  Since I preside over everything that happens here in the Junkyard, and I know everyone who lives in it, Ruth has decided to put me in charge of the character profiles.  So here they are.  You'll find comprehensive profiles for each character in the show, including their colours, what songs they sing in and a list of the actors and actresses that have played each role.  Which one of us are you most like?  Hmm?  Find out here.

*A naughty giggle is heard and a small black, orange and white queen slips over to you.*  'Ello there.  I'm Rumpelteazer, one of the mischief-makers of the tribe.  You haven't seen Mungojerrie around anywheres, have you?  No?  Well, never mind.  He's around here somewhere.  Anyway, my job is to look after all the cast lists from productions of our show from all around the world ... Australia, Broadway, London ... they're all up here.  You can feel free to submit any that aren't already here, too.  Ruth's always looking for more and more casts.  Now, I'm off to find Jerrie ... have fun looking at the cast lists!

*Next comes a Maine Coon cat who waltzes up to you and drapes an arm around your shoulders*  Can you believe they left my bit until now?  I'll have to have words with that webmistress ... I am the Rum Tum Tugger, Junkyard stud and love interest of every queen in the place ... *a snort of laughter is heard*  Shut it, Bom.  Aaaanyway, I'm in charge of the galleries here.  You'll find loads of great photos ... at least, the ones I'm in are great ... from productions of our show from around the world.  There's London, Broadway, Australia, and any others Ruth can get pictures from.  But enough talk ... go have a look-see!

Demeter here again.  I hope you've enjoyed your stay here in our little hideaway and I hope you'll come back and visit us again soon.  We look forward to your next visit.  You can bring anyone you like with you -- tell everyone we're here if you like -- just DON'T tell Macavity where I'm hiding.  I just know he'd come along and ruin everything and then we'd have to find somewhere *else* to hide.  We like it just fine right here -- we're well looked-after, so PLEASE make sure if you come back here again to visit us that Macavity and his hench-cats DON'T follow you.

Okay, this is the webmistress again.  I hope you've enjoyed my little tribute to one of the world's best loved musicals, Cats.  It's one of my favourites too, in case you can't tell.  *grins*  I must stress that I do NOT own the rights to this musical, and I don't own the photos, though many of them I have scanned myself.  All the characters, photos and everything else related to the musical belong to the Really Useful Group and I'm merely a fan sharing this information with those who would visit this site.  That said, if you would like to contribute anything to this page -- more photos, some thoughts on any of the characters in the musical, things like that -- please don't hesitate to e-mail me and it'll go up as soon as I get the time.  Naturally, you'll be fully credited for anything you send me -- I'm not about to steal people's work!  The main Demeter image up there was borrowed from Steph at Wondergirl's Musical Madness and the Video pictures on this main page are from Tantomile and Cassandra at mysticalcats.com.  Thank you all!  Now, if you're quite finished here, click on one of the buttons below to either go back to the main Musicals page or you can click the other one to go all the way back to the site's main page.