02/09/2003: *sigh*  First of all, my apologies for not having updated this site PROPERLY since July 7th, according to the date down there.  My life has been absolute Hell lately, and I've had next to no time to even work things out for the site, much less actually update it.  I have a lot of work to get through this week for Uni, too, so don't expect anything much for a little while yet.  My next break starts mid-September ... it's the week after next, I believe, so hopefully I'll be able to be on the computer for a bit in that week and actually get some things happening.  I have some plans for Halloween (despite the fact we don't celebrate it over here!), so hopefully I'll be able to get those done for the end of October.  I am going away in the second week of my holidays, so I won't be able to update then either, but as I said, first week of the holidays I'll spend as much time working on my site as I can, even if you can't see the results for a little while.  I thank my visitors for their patience, and I hope you will continue visiting the site and visiting your favourite pages even though they're not getting updated much.  There ARE plans in the works and I just wanted to assure you all that I have nowhere near lost interest in the site; I'm just extraordinarily busy at the moment.  That said, you can keep up-to-date with my progress through my online journal which I'll continue to write in, and I have updated my Disney Heroines fanlisting today.  Over 60 members!

26/08/2003 Dang ... I'm getting really bad at updating this site!  Not much today, I'm afraid ... just my journal and Heroines fanlisting have been updated.  Several times, actually, both of them, since the last time I updated.  :)

07/08/2003: Just little updates today.  My fanlisting has been updated ... we're up over 50 members now!  Yay!  And my journal's been updated a few times since I last wrote in here, in case anyone's interested in reading it.

30/7/2003: Quite a few things happening here today.  So let's go through the books.  The Musicals book has been updated with three pages in the Cats section of the place, with 7 new sketches also added to the art section of the Cats page.  In the Disney book, 6 new pieces of art have been put up, from Aladdin, The Little Mermaid and Robin Hood (2 from each).  On that page, I've also just swapped the Aladdin and Alice in Wonderland drawings, so they're all in REAL alphabetical order now!  The Roleplays book has had quite a major update ... first of all, I got rid of the Camelot and show_jellicles role-play information, since I'm no longer part of them.  My Harry Potter role-play page has been updated with new character profiles, and just a general much-needed character update.  Also on that page, the pages for the other role-plays I'm in and the page that holds all the profiles for characters I've made up.  There's more to come for a couple of them, but they're all up there now.  And in the Bits and Pieces book, there's been new gifts/awards added to my Cartoon Wonders page, a couple of little awards I recieved added to my gifts page, five of my all-time favourite poems have been added to the Writings page, and twelve new pieces of art are up there now too, all from Moon Dreamers, which, I think, is an old cartoon.  Enjoy!

22/07/2003: Once again, it's been over a month.  *sigh*  I really must try and update this place a lot more regularly.  I've put up a message to all my visitors on the main page, I've removed the Cartoon Wonders banners from there (no, I haven't quit the competition, though I am on LOA ... you can still vote for me through the Cartoon Wonders page you can get to through the 'Bits and Pieces' book) and have updated my fanlisting with 3 members.

11/06/2003: Wow ... it's been over a month since I last updated this place!  It's Uni's fault!  First today I removed the Diamond Web Award code from the main page -- I decided it was pointless.  I have also uploaded 9 more musical theatre articles along with their pictures -- The Boy from Oz, Singin' in the Rain, Man of La Mancha and a few miscellaneous ones that don't really fit into a musical as such.  My Harry Potter role-play page has been updated again, with new members, 4 new character profiles and the removal of a member and character profile.  Finally, my Cartoon Wonders pages have finally been uploaded!  Yay!  I know a couple of the pictures are broken -- I'm working on getting them back after someone deleted them from the folder they were in.  Oh, and my LiveJournal and my Disney Heroines fanlisting have both been updated quite frequently since I last updated here.

09/05/2003: Couple of little things today.  I've added 3 new character profiles to the Harry Potter role-play page, as well as a little extra about a couple of the characters that were already there -- Talida Morserbis and Antonika Francian -- a little about their families.  Also, 6 new articles have gone up on the musical theatre page, so feel free to browse through those.  Couple for Singin' in the Rain, one for The Boy from Oz ... I forget the other ones. :P

07/05/2003: Sorry to disappoint, but not much has happened here today.  I just added a few new members to my Disney Heroines fanlisting.  All going well, more updates should be on the way tomorrow ... I hope.  Stay tuned!

28/04/2003: Once again it's been a little while since I updated here, but I've done a few things around the place today.  First, 16 musical theatre articles have been typed up and posted with their pictures on the musical theatre page.  Yay!  Most of them were Singin' in the Rain, but there were a couple for Mack and Mabel, The Boy from Oz and The Witches of Eastwick, as well as a few others.  Enjoy!  A couple of role-play pages have also been updated.  I've updated the character list for my Harry Potter role-play, added a new character profile and deleted a couple too.  Oh, and the Quidditch teams have been updated.  I also updated my Labyrinth role-play character list and added 5 made-up character profiles.  Next was the King's Quest page, to which the characters page was added -- so far, it features the royal family of Daventry, the royal family of the Land of the Green Isles, a few of the characters from KQ6 and Abdul Alhazred, the villain from KQ6.  Also on the King's Quest page, the KQ7 screenshot gallery was fixed up -- a couple of links were leading to the wrong pictures.  Finally, my Disney heroines fanlisting was updated, with a couple of new members being added.  Check back really soon for more!

11/04/2003: Gee ... it's been a while.  I've been incredibly busy with Uni lately.  But I HAVE opened a new clique -- a Disney heroines one.  Go join if you're a fan!  This one's listed at thefanlistings.org!  And check my journal. :)

17/03/2003: Not MUCH today ... just updated a profile on my Harry Potter role-play page and added two new ones, so I updated the character list as well.  And my Cats clique has a new member -- Steph!  Welcome!  AND I now have a LiveJournal instead of my Woohu one, so the Online Journal link has been changed accordingly. :)

11/03/2003: I've fixed up a few little things around the site that popped up due to the adding of the new books last night.  I've fixed up the bottom of the main page, and part of one of the books was the wrong colour, so I've fixed that too.  On the actual updates side of things, the Harry Potter page was first -- I've added information about the four books that JK Rowling has published so far (actually it's only the blurbs and the cover art so far, but more's coming!) and I've updated the Houses page slightly, now that I know Professor Flitwick *is* the Head of Ravenclaw.  Elsewhere, the Heaviside Layer clique has been updated because I had my first member join (yay!) and I've added a new code for you to use if you happen to join.  In the Bits and Pieces section, I've moved the 'About Me' page over here since I took that particular book from the main page, and I added Megan and JK to my friends' page.  Finally, in the King's Quest section, King's Quest 7 now has a page with LOTS of screenshots and KQs 5 and 6 also now have screenshot pages.  They take a while to load, so be patient.  And then ... enjoy them!

10/03/2003: Two new books have been added to my library!  That's right! TWO NEW BOOKS!  They are a book for the cliques and clubs that I belong to and have made, and the other is an Irish dance book, dedicated to one of my very favourite hobbies.  There's not much in them at the moment, but there are a few cliques displayed on the appropriate page, and I have made my own little clique, dedicated to the musical Cats.  Look out for more soon.

04/03/2003: I know I said I wasn't going to, but I have joined a new competition.  This one's only just started up, and as yet we haven't started competing, but I've put my member banner and a vote banner on the main page of my site and will let you know when you can start voting! ^_^  From said competition, I won a new award!  Thanks, Lady Tink!  It's very cool, and you can view it on the same page as all the rest of my awards.  Check back soon!

28/02/2003: Blame Uni for the fact I haven't updated in a few days.  I'm back there now, and I can see it's going to eat up my time considerably.  Ah well.  Such is life.  Anyway, today two more made-up character profiles have been added to the harry-potter_rp page (both mine) and the character page and Quidditch team page have been updated.  I would like to announce that this Harry Potter role-play is the first that I've had that EVERYONE who's subscribed has characters AND they're all participating!  It's brilliant!  We now have 18 made-up characters out of 29 characters all up and we're still going strong.  In other news, I've added a little page to display the gifts that my site has received, be they from competitions or just from friends.  There's also some little Birthday present gifts that I got for my 20th Birthday last year.  Oh, and my journal's been updated, if you're interested in reading it ... :)

21/03/2003: The Fantasy Fights pages have finally been moved over here!  They can be found if you look through the Miscellaneous book.  Beware ... there are LOTS of graphics ... the pages will therefore take a while to load.

18/02/2003: A made-up character profile has been added to the starlight_meows role-play page.  Aside from that, there's been lots of Disney-themed updating today.  Firstly, the Inter-Stitch-Als that were up on my old site now have a place here, AND a movie page has been added!  Hercules (Megara's Garden) is now linked to the Disney page, so go check it out!  At the moment, the Hercules movie script is up, but more's coming really soon!

17/02/2003: STILL more role-play updating to do!  Today five more profiles have been added to the Harry Potter role-play, and the character list and Quidditch teams have been updated.  There's also been a new section added today -- the page that holds stories I've written is now up, with two pieces -- the first is a story I did for a literature class at school that I was very pleased with, and the second is a funny little script that a good buddy of mine and I did, based on Cats and the kids' movie Mary Poppins ... and anime, too.  I think it's very cool -- go read it!

14/02/2003: Happy Valentine's Day!  Yet more role-play updating today ... mostly the Harry Potter role-play, with the character list being updated and another made-up character profile being added.  The Quidditch teams have also been announced ... there are still a few positions free, though, so if you're interested, join in and grab them quick!  The starlight_meows character list has also been updated slightly -- one character change.  There's also been more King's Quest updating, with more information about the Land of the Green Isles going up -- the Ancient Ones, the Isle of the Beast and the Myths and Legends now all have pages about them.  Check back real soon!

10/02/2003: More role-play updates today.  The camelot_rpgame character list has been updated slightly (and made to look a little better), the harry-potter_rp character list has also had the same things done to it, and four additional made-up character profiles are up on that page ... and I'm still doing more!  Not that I mind ... *grin*

07/02/2003: Ack!  My role-plays seem to have been rather popular since I've gotten them re-started ... the Harry Potter one's off to a flying start by the looks of things, and two more profiles have gone up there today, with more to come!  I've also found an Arthur and a Lancelot for the Camelot roleplay, and Mungojerrie and the Tugger have been taken in show_jellicles.  I've also done a bit of King's Quest updating today.  The section about the Land of the Green Isles has gone up today, with information about the Isle of the Crown, the Isle of Wonder and the Isle of the Sacred Mountain ... more coming soon!  You never know ... there might be more tonight!  Keep a look-out.

04/02/2003: It took me a while, but I've finally moved the role-play pages over from the old site to this one.  Yayness!  There's currently 5 different role-plays for you to join.  There's a game based on the legend of King Arthur, based on any books you've read or movies, or musicals ... anything that has to do with the legend.  There's a *new* game based on the Harry Potter books, which still has *loads* of free characters, there's a game based on Jim Henson's movie, Labyrinth which is absolutely booming along, and two based on the musical Cats.  One's a performer role-play, where you can make-up actors and actresses to portray your favourite Jellicle on the stage and the other one's a cross-over between Cats and Starlight Express, where you can choose a Jellicle from the Junkyard and a train from the Station to play!  All have loads of free characters, so don't delay and join today! :)

31/01/2003: It's been a little while, but I'm finally updating again!  Huzzah!  Today I've put up 15 new pictures, of Storybook Jellicles (a cross-over between characters from the musical Cats and favourite storybook characters) and Tiny Toons (like the Looney Tunes, only younger).  The Tiny Toons ones didn't scan very well ... I'll have to see if I can make them any darker.  But anyway, they're all there, through the Miscellaneous page -- click on the 'Other Artwork' banner.  I've also added 6 articles to the Musicals page.  One for How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying, one for Anything Goes and 4 for Singin' in the Rain.  I have loads more to type up and the role-play pages to get up, but they'll be up really soon ... I promise!  LOADS and LOADS to come!  Really!

09/01/2003: I hope I can keep updating this often!  Today I posted the main KQ6 page with easter eggs and some other interesting information, and I finally have a musical page up!  Huzzah!  Check out my Cats page, that you can (obviously) get to through the Musicals page -- so far there's some artwork and two trip reports from when I saw the show in Ballarat -- check 'em out!  I've still got LOADS of stuff to do around the place, so do stay tuned!

08/01/2003: More King's Quest updating today.  The rest is coming, I swear -- it's just, as I said, the KQ section is the easiest to update because I'm still making graphics for all the other parts of the site.  The KQ3 page has been added with screenshots, easter eggs, a map and the magic spells used in the game, the KQ4 page has been added with screenshots, easter eggs and a map and the KQ5 page has been added with a map of Serenia.  I also fixed up a few little niggling things around the place ... spelling mistakes and such.  I'm going to go through the site with a fine-tooth comb very soon just to make sure I didn't miss anything.  If you happen to catch a spelling mistake, or something that's not right, please e-mail me and I'll fix it up.  Apart from that ... just keep visiting me!

07/01/2003: Bit of an art update today.  The King's Quest art page has been transferred over from the other site, and there's a new section on my Harry Potter page for my artwork.  There's a sketch in there of Snape -- it's by no means perfect, but I decided to try out my drawing book and as I was listening to the soundtrack at the time, Severus is who I decided to try it out on!  Oh -- and the Awards page has gone back up in the Miscellaneous section -- check out all the awards the Study has won since I opened it in February last year.  They're all cool.

04/01/2003: First updates for 2003!  Woohoo!  Just a little one today, though ... and it's more King's Quest stuff, I'm afraid.  I'm still working on graphics and things for the other pages, so the King's Quest stuff is the easiest for me to update.  Anyway, the story has been posted, and the points list for KQ2 has also gone up.  Enjoy them!

31/12/2002: Last day of December.  Gee ... this year has absolutely flown!  King's Quest section updates today.  The KQ1 page has had a points list and easter eggs page added, and the screenshot gallery has been fixed up a little bit ... there were a couple of links that led where they shouldn't, so that should be right now.  In addition, the KQ2 page has now been added, with a walkthru, screenshot gallery, a few easter eggs and a map of the Land of Kolyma.  Have a wonderful New Year's Eve and I'll see you all bright and early in 2003!  Catch you all really soon!

27/12/2002: A new section has gone up on the Musical Theatre page that holds some musical theatre articles that I've found in newspapers, magazines, online ... and anywhere else you can find things like that!  So far there's just one to do with a production of Mack and Mabel from a little while back, but more are coming, I promise!  It's just a matter of scanning the pictures and typing up the articles!  Also, the screenshot gallery has been added to the King's Quest 1 page, so go check it out!  There's *so* much more I want to do with the site, so come back soon!

23/12/2002: Not a LOT today ... just the section where you can apply for an award was put up.  Oh, and my little friends' dedications pages have gone up too.  Just Shannon's there for now, but the others are on their way. :)

21/12/2002: ruths-study.com officially opens its doors!  Huzzah!  I'm very excited, in case you can't tell, about having my own domain name ... it's my Christmas present!  You'll find everything that was in the old Ruth's Study at http://www.angelfire.com/jazz/ruthsstudy, but this one has a little extra something, and a better layout, I think ... it's a lot more fun!  I hope to update quite often, so please keep checking back regularly to see if I've done anything.  It may sometimes take me a day or two to actually get the updates written up, so check here first, but check the site too, 'cause I sometimes add things without writing them up straight away.  Now , you can click on that link below and head back to the main page -- have fun exploring the site!  Don't forget to write now, will you?