This here is the page I have dedicated to the wonderful web competition I am currently competing in -- the Cartoon Wonders.  The Cartoon Wonders is a wonderful competition where you can compete against other sites and make lots of new friends in the process.  There are two teams to choose from at the moment: Friends of Disney and Dream Dollz Forever.  I'm a member of the former.  If you like my site, please consider going to cast a vote for me.

If you don't know what a web competition is, go to the page above and sign up!  The idea is to make it to the top level.  In the Friends of Disney team, which I'm in, there's a couple of levels you need to make it through before you can compete for the real prizes.  Once you make it up to Toon Town, you'll need enough votes to get you through to Toon Central.  If you win at Toon Central, you win the grand prize -- and it's VERY cool!  You can also cheer at the Sketch Pad through the week to get some cool cheer awards, which you'll see a few samples of here.


As you can see, the Cartoon Wonders was officially opened on the 17th of March, 2003, and the lovely graphic above was a gift from the creators for the day of the grand opening.  I am also a Spirit at the Cartoon Wonders, as well as being a competitor.  Clicking on that Spirit link below will allow you to read about being a spirit and take you to the team pages I have created to display the awards and gifts I have received from the competition thus far.


I hope you have enjoyed your stay here, and I hope that now you've read a little bit about the competition, you'll consider joining us.  It's very cool, and if you also decide to become a Spirit, you'll get to visit some really cool sites every week as part of your Spirit duties -- those are explained more clearly above.  And now if you've quite finished here, click on one of the buttons below to go back to the Miscellaneous page or all the way back home.