As I mentioned before, I am a Spirit for the Cartoon Wonders as well as competing on the Friends of Disney team.  I am a spirit for both teams.  These pages contain the gifts I've been given during the competition, for cheering and such.  Enjoy, but please do not take anything from these pages -- all the gifts were given to me.

Click on the above banner to view all the lovely gifts I've received so far.


Yes, I'm a Spirit for both the Friends of Disney and the Dream Dollz Forever teams.  Clicking on one of the banners will take you to the page I've created about that team, where you'll find more information on what a Spirit actually does, plus more gifts, but this time gifts that are specific to a team, and not Spirit gifts.  If you don't want to hang around, click on one of the buttons below and head off somewhere else on the site instead.  Have fun!