Here you will meet and find out about the characters you'll encounter in all the games.  The royal family of Daventry are the stars of the show, but during their adventures, they all encounter numerous other characters, both friendly and helpful, and ... not quite so.  Enjoy your audience with the first family and all their friends.

The Royal Family of Daventry:

The wise and very much loved King Graham.  Graham is the star of the most games.  He first appeared in KQ1 as Sir Graham, the most noble and trusted knight of good King Edward.  He set out to find the three lost treasures of Daventry and when he returned victorious, he was rewarded with with crown and kingdom.  He next appeared in KQ2, searching the kingdom of Kolyma for the beautiful maiden Valanice, imprisoned in a quartz tower.  He succeeded, and married the maiden.  It is Graham whom Rosella must save in KQ4 after he suffers a heart attack, and it was he that journeyed to the land of Serenia in KQ5, to rescue his family, stolen away by the evil wizard Mordack.  He also appears briefly at the end of KQ3 and he is present at Prince Alexander's wedding to Princess Cassima in KQ6, as long as you do the right things.  Oh yeah -- and he gets turned into stone in KQ8.

King Graham's lovely wife, Queen Valanice.  Originally from the land of Kolyma, Valanice was whisked away from her homeland by the jealous Hagatha and imprisoned in a quartz tower.  Fortunately for her, King Graham saw a vision of her in his Magic Mirror and was instantly captivated by her.  She therefore appears briefly in KQ2, when Graham rescued her.  She married him and two years later gave birth to twins -- Prince Alexander and Princess Rosella.  The only really substantial part Valanice has is in KQ7 -- she follows Rosella into a magic pool and must change Lady Ceres back from a tree, return a horseman's head and thaw out Lady Maab before she can really search for Rosella.  She appears briefly at the end of KQ3 and KQ5, in the opening and closing sequences of KQ4, and at Alexander's wedding in KQ6.  We assume she was also turned to stone in KQ8.

One of a set of twins, Prince Alexander was stolen from his cradle by wizard Manannan and put to work as a slave.  He went by the name of Gwydion until he found out his true heritage.  This is chronicled in KQ3.  He escaped, rescuing his twin sister Rosella from a terrible three-headed dragon along the way.  Alexander is the reason Mordack steals the castle of Daventry in KQ5 -- in revenge for what Alexander did to his brother, Manannan: turning him into a cat.  He therefore appears at the end of KQ5, where he also meets Princess Cassima.  He also appears at the start and end of KQ4.  In KQ6, having been thinking of nothing but Cassima, Alexander journeys to the Land of the Green Isles to see her.  He gets more than he bargained for, of course.  He probably didn't get turned to stone in KQ8, since he was busy ruling his own kingdom far away with his Queen Cassima.

The last member of the royal family of Daventry is the lovely Princess Rosella, twin sister of Prince Alexander.  When she was quite young, Rosella was abducted as sacrifice to a three-headed dragon rampaging around Daventry.  She was rescued by Alexander, and therefore appears at the end of KQ3.  KQ4 stars Rosella as she searches the land of Tamir for the magic fruit that will save her father's life.  She appears briefly at the end of KQ5 and at Alexander and Cassima's wedding in KQ6.  She plays a large part in KQ7 with Valanice.  Escaping from the clutches of the troll King, Otar Fenris III, she searches for the REAL troll King and Etheria, Land in the Clouds, and tries to stop an evil enchantress destroying the land with a volcano.  We assume she was not turned to stone in KQ8 since we assume she stays with Edgar, who she met first in KQ4 -- he re-appears in KQ7 as the false troll King.

The Land of the Green Isles:

The wise and loved ruler of the Land of the Green Isles, King Caliphim.  Together with him wife, Queen Allaria and his daughter, Princess Cassima, he rules over the four islands and is loved by his people.  His daughter was stolen away by the evil wizard Mordack when Caliphim refused to let him marry Cassima.  Before Cassima was sent home by King Graham of Daventry, both Caliphim and Allaria were murdered in their beds by their trusted vizier, Abdul Alhazred.  While visiting the Land of the Green Isles, Prince Alexander of Daventry challenged the Lord of the Dead for their souls.  He won, the three of them returned and Caliphim stopped the wedding that had been arranged for Cassima and Alhazred.  Instead, he gave his daughter's hand in marriage to Prince Alexander.  Not only did he do that, but he passed on his kingdom into the capable hands of his daughter and her husband.

King Caliphim's beautiful wife, Queen Allaria.  She has just one child, Princess Cassima, who most definitely inherited her beauty from her mother.  While Cassima was being held in the wizard Mordack's castle, both Allaria and her husband were murdered by their vizier Alhazred.  Fortunately for them, Prince Alexander of Daventry happened to be visiting the Land of the Green Isles at the time and bargained with Death himself to have them returned to the Land of the Living.  Allaria, along with Caliphim, appears only in KQ6, in the Realm of the Dead and at wedding of her daughter to Prince Alexander.  It is she who realises that the wedding between Cassima and Alhazred was staged because of the way 'Cassima' spoke to her.  She willingly attends the real wedding, however, and sees the kingdom passed down to Cassima and Alexander.  I'm willing to bet she was one very proud lady.

The lovely Princess Cassima is the daughter of King Caliphim and Queen Allaria of the Land of the Green Isles.  The evil wizard Mordack spied her during a visit to her castle, and immediately wished to marry her.  Cassima naturally refused, and her father agreed with her.  This angered Mordack and he stole her away anyway and put her to work as a scullery maid in his castle until she agreed to marry him.  The thought revolted her, so she continued to refuse him.  When she was thinking that all hope was gone, King Graham of Daventry arrived at the castle in search of his own family.  Cassima was rescued too, and sent home.  This is chronicled in KQ5.  In KQ6, she is sequestered in mourning for her parents, whom she was told both fell ill and died while she was away.  She is almost forced to marry Alhazred, but Prince Alexander saves her and she ends up marrying him instead, of course.


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