Far beyond imagination lies a wondrous kingdom full of mirth, magic and mayhem.  This is the realm of Daventry.

Greetings to thee.  I am Lady Tsepish, but please, call me Elspeth.  You may not know of me, but I have quite a strong tie with the royal family of Daventry since Queen Valanice lifted a curse that was placed on my dear husband -- Count Tsepish.  I also met her daughter, Princess Rosella.  Anyway, since none of the royal family could be here to greet you today, they've requested that I be your hostess during your stay in the fair land of Daventry.  You will meet the royal family while you're here; the King, Queen, Prince Alexander and Princess Rosella, and you'll be able to read about their numerous adventures in Daventry, and far-away lands such as Tamir, Llewdor and the Land of the Green Isles.  You'll meet all the people they've met and travel to all the lands they have.  I'm sure you'll have no trouble finding your way around the castle and indeed around the land.  Just enjoy yourself and make sure you come back here when you're done.  You'll be well looked after here, believe me.  Enjoy your stay.



Hello there.  I'm Princess Rosella.  I cannot stay with you for very long now, but I have a very small favour to ask of you while you are wandering around the castle grounds ... you see, when we were in the Land of the Green Isles for my brother Alexander's wedding to Princess Cassima, my father, King Graham, left his hat somewhere, and now he can't find it.  While you are wandering the grounds and exploring, do you think you could keep an eye open for it?  I'm sure you'll recognise it when you see it -- it's blue, and has a red feather sticking in it.  I would be most grateful if you could find it, father really wants it back.  I'm even prepared to offer you a little reward when you find it!  As I told you, he thinks he left it when we all went to Alex's wedding, but he wasn't sure.  So look around; be sure and keep me informed.

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Please note that all of the information contained on these pages I have taken from the manuals, games and various other sources, all copyrighted to Sierra.  I mean no infringement on copyright whatsoever, I merely wish to share these wonderful games with those who have and haven't experienced them yet.  But if you see something here that you really think shouldn't be, e-mail me, let me know where the problem is, and I'll look into it -- and possibly remove the offending material.  This is, however, a NON-PROFIT site created by a fan for fans (and prospective fans, of course!).  Any and all material not written by myself is credited.  Just enjoy what's up here!

Well now ... I think that's about all you're going to find around the castle for now.  I hope you'll come back and visit again soon, since more and more is being added all the time.  Should you wish to see something else up here, or perhaps submit a review of one of the games, perhaps some screenshots that aren't here, please feel free to e-mail the keeper of the castle here and she'll see what she can do about granting your request.  The only thing I would ask is that you don't take my art without permission.  I don't mind if you'd like to display it on your own site, but please ask me first.  I'll say yes, you can be sure of that, but I'd like to know where it's being displayed.  That said, I do hope you enjoyed your stay here in the beautiful land of Daventry ... and all the surrounding lands, of course.  Now you may click on one of those buttons below and leave the land to continue your explorations elsewhere.  One button takes you back to the miscellaneous page, the other back to the site's main page.  Enjoy!