Greetings once again, dear travellers.  On this page, you shall find summaries of all the games in the King's Quest series, all the way from I to VIII (that's 1 to 8).  You'll find summaries of the stories, a run-down of all the characters you'll meet and the scenes you'll see, as well as LOTS of screenshots, maps ... and I'm even inlcuding walkthrus of each game in case you get *really* stuck.  For KQ3 and KQ6, the magic spells have also been included.  I have noticed that the KQ3 manual is not *quite* accurate for the spells, so I'll write down exactly what you have to do.  Just click on the title of the game you're interested in and you'll find all my information.  Have fun!


Well, that concludes my little reviews of each of the games.  Do they make you want to play them now?  I do hope that if you haven't yet played them, you will at least consider trying them, because they're all absolutely fantastic games and have always been (and probably always will be) my favourites.  Should you wish to contribute something to one of these pages -- a review of a game you've played, perhaps -- then please feel free to e-mail me and send it on in!  I'm always looking for suggestions, so don't be afraid to give me some.   Now then, if you're quite done here, click one of the buttons below to go back to the main King's Quest page, or the site's main page.