Welcome to the royal palace of Agrabah!  Well ... sort of.  I am Princess Jasmine, the daughter of the Sultan of Agrabah, and this is the little space that I've been given by the webmistress of this site so that I can tell you a little about the wonderful Disney movie Aladdin, which you'll find me in, of course.  If you scroll down the page a little, you'll find everything the webmistress has to offer -- the script of the movie, pictures, information about all the characters, song lyrics, a synopsis, and something a little different -- some information about the television series that came along as a result of the movie.  You'll find plenty to keep you entertained during your stay here -- all the buttons are down the page a little, so keep scrolling if you're interested.  If you're not well ... I'm sorry you wasted your time travelling across the desert that is Ruth's Study to get here.  But at least stay and rest a while before you attempt the journey back.  But I do hope that you did come here with the intention of staying a while.  Let one of the palace servants get you a drink, then make yourself comfortable and have a look at what my menagerie has to offer you.

Oh -- one more thing before you go.  I should probably warn you that Jafar was spotted around here not long ago, so please watch out for him as you wander around the Menagerie.  Stay on the main paths and you should be fine.  But you have been warned -- if you see him, I'd advise you to come back straight away and go find Aladdin.

Okay.  This is where you'll find all the buttons to take you to other parts of the Menagerie.  Try them all and see where they take you but again, watch out for Jafar!  I just know he's hiding around here somewhere.  Be careful.





I think most of the buttons there should be pretty self-explanatory.  Just read the button and you should (I hope) be able to figure out where it goes.  Should you wish to contact the webmistress of this site to tell her what you think of it, or perhaps suggest some other things that she could put up ... maybe you even have something you would like to contribute yourself ... you may do so here.  She checks her e-mails as often as she can, so you should get a reply within a couple of days.  If you don't, keep bugging her!  She *will* reply eventually.  I must leave you to wander yourself now ... Rajah needs a brush.  Enjoy exploring the Menagerie and I'll see you soon.

Webmistress' note: I just wanted to give a few credits for the graphics and things around these pages.  The clipart and images used for the buttons on this main page came from the Animated Movies Archive and Aladdin Central.  The Pain and Panic clipart on the buttons below came from DisneyClipArt.com.  Should you wish to borrow any of the graphics or cliparts from this page, please e-mail me at the address that's above and ask me first.  In the case that the graphics were not done by me, I shall refer you to the site I got whatever it was you wanted from and you can contact them directly.  Remember that you can always feel free to send me things that you want me to put up here -- more pictures or clipart, reviews of the movie, your own interpretations of the characters -- anything at all you might feel inclined to send in.  Suggestions, questions and comments are always welcome!  Or you might just want to say hi, and that's fine too!  Otherwise click on one of the buttons below and continue your wanderings.