So you decided to click on that little link and join me, hmm?  Good for you -- you shall be rewarded for that.  With what, you ask?  Now you get to enjoy all that my site has to offer!  All you need do is scroll down the rest of the page and you'll be able to explore the place properly -- you'll find loads of stuff here, such as musicals, Disney stuff, movies, links and webrings, you'll find out about the strange girl who keeps this place, a small number of role-playing games and a host of other stuff, some of which may not have been thought of yet, and all of which is explained in much more detail below -- so don't waste your time hanging around up here!  Go -- explore!  And have fun!  Catch you all a little later!  Oh, and don't forget to sign my Guestbook and visit my forum!  *ahem*  Please?

Just in case you're curious, the Study was officially opened on February 7th, 2002.
It was last updated on May 17th, 2009.  Click here to see the latest updates around the Study.


Ooh ... look at this!  This study has books!  Lots of books!  Scads of books!  Mountains of books!  Forests of books!  Cascades of books!  Swamps of books!  More books than you'll ever be able to read in a lifetime!  Books on every subject ever studied, by every author who ever set pen to paper!  *ahem*  Well, okay, so maybe the study doesn't have quite THAT many books, but there is certainly plenty here for you to read, and lots of pictures, too!  Belle just loves reading ... you might catch her somewhere around here, you know.  Anyway, if you're at all interested in what's actually IN these books before you start reading them, keep scrolling down there and my colleague, Lumiere, will do his best to explain to you what's in each of them.

Bonjour!  'Allo!  'Tis my job to let you know what's in each of these books 'ere.  Ze first book 'as information on many musicals -- trip reports, art and much more!  Ze Disney book 'as mainly ze same things ... but about Disney!  Ze Movies book 'olds reviews, pictures and much more about ze webmistress' favourite movies!  Ze Links book 'ouses links to many wonderful sites and ze webrings zat zis site belongs to.  The next book 'as banners for ze cliques that ze webmistress runs and is a part of.  Ze Roleplays book is pretty self-explanatory -- join one of many rpgs from 'ere.  The Irish Dance book is also self-explanatory ... one of our webmistress' 'obbies.  The Bits and Pieces book is just 'ow it sounds ... it 'ouses anything zat won't fit anywhere else!  Enjoy!

Well, that's all from me.  I hope you enjoyed your stay here.  This will be my disclaimer: I do NOT own any of the musicals on this page, and have not performed in any of them.  Nor do I own, or work for, Disney (though I would dearly love to!).  I have no affiliation with any movies on this page -- I have simply seen and loved them -- that's why they're up here.  Everything is copyright the company that produced it.  All the characters in the drawings you see up around the site are not mine, unless stated, and all belong to their own companies.  This is a non-profit site created BY a fan FOR fans.  And now that I've said that, I do hope you enjoy your stay here.  Thankyou for visiting my site.  I hope you had fun traipsing around my place and I hope you'll come visit me again really soon!  Don't forget to sign my Guestbook before you head off!  Or just drop me an e-mail.  Any type of feedback is appreciated.

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