In case you didn't guess by the fact I've got a whole section dedicated to it, I'm a big fan of musical theatre.  I have been since I saw Beauty and the Beast a number of years ago now.  I've started collecting any articles I can find related to musical theatre and have decided to put them up here so you can see them too!  I have typed up each article and scanned any pictures that went along with it.  Just click on any article title to have a look at it -- read the article and see pictures.  If I have the article but not the picture, please, if you happen to have it, send it to me!

Wicked beginnings
Evil has Wicked stage at last

Rocky Returns
Horror gets hotter

Waiting in the Phantom wings
Review: The Phantom of the Opera
Phantom wows 'em
Warlow back from Phantom illness
Simon covers Phantom illness
Spotlight back on chandelier
Phantom of the Opera ready to go
Warlow to reprise famous Phantom of the Opera role
Wiser Warlow returns

Charity revival hits all the right notes
That same Sweet song
Sugar and spice

Belles epoque lead by example

Boy from Oz back with a naughties flavour
Jackman gets seal of approval
Oh boy, what a night watching the stars
The boy for Oz

Magical menagerie tour
Hail the new king of the boards

Man power
To play the possible dream role
Worth the weight

Shake your maracas, Hugh
The boy in New York
Oz boy play loses its way

Don't call me nice
Which witch ...
Her Maj's wicked Prior

As right as rain
Sold on a song
Pia's big singin' break
Life's a stage for Thomas
What a glorious feeling being there can bring
Grace Notes: Wayne Scott Kermond -- Entertainer
Opportunity rains on Todd
Putting the show in business
It's raining, again
Singin' has damp spots
Singin' ends the theatrical drought
Trio steps lively
Rain Dancer
Rainin', squeezin'
A cloudburst of joy and song
Sweet success

Silent Night

Open-and-shut case of crowd-pleasing fun

Showstopping her way to centre stage
Able as Mabel
When song and dance are more meaningful than words

Succeeds, and how ...

Boy's own adventure
Still plenty of life left in the high-octane boy from Oz

Calling the oz boy home
'Boy' from Oz takes on Broadway

New Chicago Hope
Chicago hope

Sharon Millerchip in Family Life
Married to a Man-Killer
Boy from Oz's Broadway honour
Toby's Emcee is a Winner
Taste, inventive arrangements and boundless sense of fun: what a fiasco!

Feel free to contribute any articles you may have found in newspapers, magazines or another source to me and I'll put them up here.  Just send the text of the article and scans of any pictures (if you can) to me and I'll be happy to put it up with my collection.  You'll get full credit for anything you send me, and if I see an article I could use on another website, I will be sure to ask the owner whether I can use it here.  I'm not about to go stealing anything from anyone!  Enjoy the articles I have up, and if you're finished, click on one of the links below to be taken back to the main Musicals page or go back to my site's home page.  Come back soon -- I'm always adding things here!